Glossier Kiss on the Cheek

Each senior in SCAD's fashion marketing department is required to complete a Capstone project.  After four years of intense group projects, this is the only major project that each of us will complete entirely by ourselves. For my senior capstone, I was focused on effectively melding fashion marketing and graphic design into one seamless project. I decided to pursue one of my favorite aspects of marketing: branding.  Through this project I've developed a product, designed packaging, and created a social media campaign for the beauty brand Glossier. 

Glossier is an internet only, minimal beauty brand with a product line that is heavy on skincare and light on makeup. Over the course of 10 weeks I put together the following deliverable, focusing on two huge product categories that they were missing at the time – lip and cheek color! Post print, Glossier began hinting that the second phase of their product line would be launching on Monday, March 14, 2016 beginning guessed it, lip pigment. And later on down the line (in April of 2017, to be exact) the brand launched Cloud Paint, a sheer buildable cheek tint – imagine that. 

As I assembled this project I never imagined that the products I was concepting would be made a reality by the brand just days after my project's completion.  But you know what they say, great minds think alike. Nevertheless, my blood sweat and tears resulted in a moisturizing lip and cheek treatment meant to provide natural looking pigment – lovingly dubbed Kiss on the Cheek – which I'm so happy to present to you!


Check out the full pdf of my project here!

MarketingKerrilyn Gibson